Friday, January 28, 2011

New blog

So recently i was introduced to a new blog by a fellow Canadian. Her name is Elizabeth and here blog is lifeandpolish. Everyone should check out her blog and follow her. She may be new but I'm sure she has some great manis to show us in the future.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

followers and giveaway

WOOHOO 25 followers. thank you guys for reading my blog. i didnt think anyone would when i first started.

konadlicious is having a massive 1000 followers giveaway.

look at all the stuff she is giving away.
pop on over to her blog and follow her for a chance to win this amazing stuff.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Long Post!

i know i haven't updated recently. i'm a slacker. i ordered 2 sets of konad/fauxnad discs and have recieved 1 so far. the second set is stuck at stupid customs in vancourver. sadly the ones that got stuck are the ones with the stamper and scraper. i have tried improvising the stamper with a balloon but it does not seems to work so well. i hope they release the package soon so i can finally use my pretty stamps. i made sure to order them at the beginning of the month so i'd have them for out anniversary on the 20th but they still aren't here.

in this post i have a new haul plus 3 manis. please click all photos to expand.

most are purchased but the ones with the tags and red dots are frankens made by me. i'm still learning how to make them. so far not so much luck. the franken called disaster is a complete disaster. its watery and the liquid is black. all the color came off the sparkles and its just ICKY. the rest didnt turn out too bad. the pink sparkles needs a big more added because it needs about 4 layers to be complete. the only other one i find weird is noob. its a purple liquid with green sparkles. i need to read up a bit more of mixtures. the unnamed pink one my hubby says is " so maddie". lol im known as pink and sparkley.

on to the manis!

Deep Purple & the Disco Ball.

i attempted to do a Muffin Monday with my puppy Bailey but he just thought they were new toys for him to play with so my back up plan was the hubby. when i asked him to pick a color from 5 i had picked out he pick this color. Sally Hansen Deep Purple.
what an awesome deep pueple color. i used 2-3 coats (i can't remember) with top coat and a VERY thick layer of SH disco ball as the french. 
see how thick the glitter is. after doing this mani i went and purchased a glitter liner from Art Deco.
 i put a pink gem on my left hand
and a aqua/green/blue ish one my right hand.

 outside in snowy/cloudy weather

inside in sun.
Strawberry Lily!
this mani is Billie strawberry and revlon lily (with glitter stripe)

the only bad thing about Billie Strawberry is since its shiney you see every little mistake with your nails. i had a bit of glue on my nails and and some buffing lines so everthing showed up.

in the sun.

 Anniversary Nails
SH new lengths Urban Chic on ring finger.
in the sun

i really really wanted to use a stamp for this mani but i didnt get my stamper in the mail. boo, stupid canada post.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award!

 so i was tagged by Jen over at nailpolishaddictionanonymous for the stylish blogger award. i was quite shocked since i had just started my blog a few days before but it made me happy.Thank You for the award.

These are the rules for this award:
1. Thank and link the person who gave you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers
4. Contact these bloggers to tell them about this award!

7 things about me:

1. i am multi-talented. i pierce, tattoo, do makeup and nails and work on website ( i have been trained for all)
2. i have a diploma in wedding planning which i have never used.
3. i play World of Warcraft between 1-6 hours a day
4. my puppy cries if he does not sleep in the bed with us
5. i dont really have any friends ( lost them all in the break up between my ex over 2 years ago)
6. i love taking photos but seem to suck at it.
7. i am close with my mum and aunt but wish i was closer with my dad and brother.
8. it's a tradition to go shopping with my mumma on weekend. we love it.

now i must give it to 'recently discovered' bloggers... well, since I'm new myself i've had a hard time finding some people who dont already have the award. i have managed to find 8 so far.

deez-nailz   she inspired me to start my blog and is a fellow canadian.

positive energy in the spectrum of awesome

i like silver (positive energy), i like blue(spectrum). i like silver and blue together but for some reason i dont like this mani. i think its because the blue is too light.
the silver is a matte which needs about 2 coats (its a thick paint) the HD is VERY thin and needs around 4-5 coats to be completely covered. spectrum is a duo chrome of blue base with green tint and micro flakes of a pink/purplish color. i have tried other SH HD colors before and adore them but this one seems too thin for me.

one coat of sally hansen HD
3 coats of sally hansen HD (you can still see through the nail)

i perfer it with the TC but it kinda looks like tinfoil.

getting a picture of the spectrum color was quite hard as the camera couldnt catch the duo color properly. i did notice it matches the aqua section on Zest Aqua soap.

artificial light


artificial light with homemade hearthstone (from WoW) using same polish for blue swirl.

previous mani i did with opposite colors. nicole positive energy and SH HD laser.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Violet is Green With Envy

Revlon top speed Violet is a great polish as its opaque in just 2 coats. 1 for base and 1 to cover and blemishes up. it is super quick drying and quite bright. i added the Sally Hansen Xtreme wear Green with envy as a stripe. 1 coat can be used but i felt 2 was best to cover up any tiny spots i messed. these colors are adorable together. so far it has been 4 days and the only thing taking damage is my nails breaking a bit. 

Here is Voilet without the green and without top coat.
with green stripe
 with green stripe. on ring finger and pinky is SH xtreme wear Disco Ball. i only did 2 fingers until i realized i didnt like the look on this particular manicure.( yes i know my hand looks like a foot)

Over all, great polishes and i can't wait to use them again.

latest haul

look what i picked up while shopping the other night.

my first post will be of Revlon top speed Violet and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Green with envy.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

i know this looks like a crap blog as the moment but i will be working on and tweeking it over the next little while as i begin blogging my nail polish swatches. i have began following my favorite bloggers and enjoy their posts as they inspire me. i'm sure my pictures and post will suck at first but i will get better.

hang in there with me.

Happy 2011!!


My name is Maddie. i love nail polish. i went to school for cosmetology and nail art but currently work as a computer tech. i am always painting my nails different colors.i recently picked up Konad nail stamps and can't wait to try those.
i hope this blog inspires someone.