Tuesday, February 15, 2011

leopard and lace (big post)

i know i haven't posted in a long while (before last night) i finished my travel and tourism course last week and got wrapped up in wow while working. i have done quite a few manis since jan , so here is a post to show you.
 leopard love
Colors used:
base: Billie Gold
stamp: W&W black creme
plate: konad m 57

i LOVED this mani. i got so many compliments on it. i really didnt want to take it off. i may redo it in rainbow or spring colors. we shall see.

Colors used:
base: SH xtreme wear white on
stamp:CG secret peri-winkle
tip: billie gold
pretty mani but not for me. being pale, the white did bad things to my skin.

Colors used:
base: billie gold
stamp:W&W black creme
plate:m57 (lace) and BM14 (roses)
i tried to mimic the SH salon effects. it turned out okay. only kept the mani on for a few days.

Colors used:
base:OPI do you lilac it? with thin layer of SH HD byte
stamp:billie gold
plate:BM 20
tip: SH xtreme wear Flirt
UGH what a disaster. this mani i HATED. it looked horrible on me. i took it off less then 12 hours later. im sure it will look great on some people but not me.

Colors used:
base:CG for audrey
stamp:CG frostbite
plate:M57(zebra print)

Colors used:
base:CG light pink (can't remember name)
stamp:billie cherry
plate:M79 (dots) & M59 (solid bow and hearts)
tried to mimic this picture:

i really liked this mani. it was sweet. it was a nice change from all the random colors i had been using before.

(look at the sparkle)
see the pink? yea thats the reflection from my pjs! thats how sparkly this polish is

Colors used:
base: CH ruby pumps
accent nail :Miss B rainbow silver with topcoat of L.A Color silver sparkle

i have fallen in love with this mani. the dark red suits my skin tone and the silver sparkle is stunning. i love it.

speaking of red. what do you guys think of this new red lipstick i bought. i've wanted to try a red lipstick for a while but though it would look bad. what do you think?


Zoya Lo and Kelly
the pictures showed Lo as a much more light pink color. OPI beside it to show what a real light pink color is.

there is the example from their website.

anyways, i was kinda disappointed in how small the bottles were. i thought they were going to be bigger for 7.00 a bottle. 

nicole bring on the tinsel and SH HD cyber. i have figured out i dont like the shape of nicoles bottles. does anyone else find nicole's polishes really thick. its like the bottle dries up quickly.

SH HD isn't as sparkly/shiney as the other ones in the collection.  all the other ones are kinda halo-y but this one is kinda flat. maybe it will be different once i swatch it.

revelon scented in ocean breeze (a blue.green duochrome)  and cotton candy becuase hell yea! i have only swatched the cotton candy on one finger and the smell lasted for atleast 3 days. the color seemed kinda sheer tho. SH xtremem wear in gunmetal.

look at the hidden sparkle in gunmetal.

L.A Color in silver sparkle and Essie great expectations.
my first essie. i wasn't that pleased with it. it was plain and when i put it on my nailes it blended right in. anyone have any idea how to wear this grey/white color?

wow this was alot longer then i thought. im going to go study for my final and do a spring colored mani.


7 things and update

7 Things
i was tagged by Elizabeth for this survey

7 things I have to do before I die:

* travel Europe
* get married in the summer
* get back into shape
* have a house, not apt
* visit one of my pen pals
* have a huge party/ surprise party
* send my parents on vacations

***8 things I say all the time:

* babe, what's __________/ can you help me with _________
* bailey, come here please
* what time are you off?
* Bella. get down.
* have you seen my ___________
* look what i bought.
* BAILEY! leave Bella alone! ( he chases her and boops her with his nose)

7 things I'm good at:

* making lists
* organizing things
* teaching bailey new tricks
* spoiling my family
* being a good friend
* being quite
* (i can't think of another)

7 flaws:

* collects random stuff
* no self confidence
* spelling & math
* spending too much money
* checks facebook/fmylife/tmz multiple times a day
* easily distracted
* i procrastinate

7 qualities:
* i make far too many lists
* i text my mum and hubby +5 times a day
* reads/writes a lot
* plays WoW while working
* i am good with kids but don't want any of my own
* sweet but very shy
* very patient

so clearly I'm a slacker. i know i haven't posted in a while. I've kinda gotten sucked into WoW and studying after work but i promise there will be a  post tomorrow. i have recently gotten my first (and second) Zoya  polish. umm hello tiny. i wasn't expecting them to be so damn small. i picked up Kelly and lo and was Caitlin and dove in the mail. i also purchased ALOT of stuff from dollar nail art which should be here soon along with my hello kitty plate from born pretty. i have done quite a few mani s since my last post but only took a picture of a few. one mani didnt even stay on for 12 hours before i had it removed. lol i LOVE my current mani (sparkle red and sparkle silver- more about that tomorrow)