Tuesday, February 15, 2011

7 things and update

7 Things
i was tagged by Elizabeth for this survey

7 things I have to do before I die:

* travel Europe
* get married in the summer
* get back into shape
* have a house, not apt
* visit one of my pen pals
* have a huge party/ surprise party
* send my parents on vacations

***8 things I say all the time:

* babe, what's __________/ can you help me with _________
* bailey, come here please
* what time are you off?
* Bella. get down.
* have you seen my ___________
* look what i bought.
* BAILEY! leave Bella alone! ( he chases her and boops her with his nose)

7 things I'm good at:

* making lists
* organizing things
* teaching bailey new tricks
* spoiling my family
* being a good friend
* being quite
* (i can't think of another)

7 flaws:

* collects random stuff
* no self confidence
* spelling & math
* spending too much money
* checks facebook/fmylife/tmz multiple times a day
* easily distracted
* i procrastinate

7 qualities:
* i make far too many lists
* i text my mum and hubby +5 times a day
* reads/writes a lot
* plays WoW while working
* i am good with kids but don't want any of my own
* sweet but very shy
* very patient

so clearly I'm a slacker. i know i haven't posted in a while. I've kinda gotten sucked into WoW and studying after work but i promise there will be a  post tomorrow. i have recently gotten my first (and second) Zoya  polish. umm hello tiny. i wasn't expecting them to be so damn small. i picked up Kelly and lo and was Caitlin and dove in the mail. i also purchased ALOT of stuff from dollar nail art which should be here soon along with my hello kitty plate from born pretty. i have done quite a few mani s since my last post but only took a picture of a few. one mani didnt even stay on for 12 hours before i had it removed. lol i LOVE my current mani (sparkle red and sparkle silver- more about that tomorrow)


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