Monday, February 27, 2012

Guest Post

Feel Beautiful and Confident With Cancer By Painting Your Nails
By: Jackie Clark

A cancer prognosis is a terrible and scary thing to deal with. Some women even let it depress them so much that they stop taking care of their physical appearances. They stop wearing fashionable clothes, styling their hair and putting on makeup and nail polish. Even though getting cancer can seem like the end of the world, it should not stop you from looking and feeling your best. Feeling beautiful certainly will not cure your cancer, but it can at least make you feel stronger and more confident.

One form of cancer some women are diagnosed with is mesothelioma cancer. If you have gotten this prognosis, you likely feel scared and helpless. But as you go through your treatment, you should not let go of your looks. Taking the time to make yourself look pretty will do wonders for your spirit and confidence.

A great way to feel beautiful and confident is to wear nail polish on your fingernails and toenails. There are many nail polish colors out there whether it is blue, red or pink. Do not be afraid to wear a brighter nail polish color like neon green on your nails. It will show that you are confident and not afraid of wearing a daring color. You can even paint different designs on your nails like polka dots or stripes. Make sure to apply a clear coat on top of your nail polish to prevent it from chipping later on in the week.

Make the time to get a professional manicure or pedicure done at a salon. As the nail technician is busy buffing and painting your nails, you can just sit there and relax, forgetting about all of your troubles and worries. At the end, your nails will look so beautiful that you will want to show them off to all of your family members and friends.

Even though cancer is a very serious disease, you should not let it bring you down too much. It is important to keep up your appearance, so you feel strong and confident to face both your cancer and the world.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

leopard and lace (big post)

i know i haven't posted in a long while (before last night) i finished my travel and tourism course last week and got wrapped up in wow while working. i have done quite a few manis since jan , so here is a post to show you.
 leopard love
Colors used:
base: Billie Gold
stamp: W&W black creme
plate: konad m 57

i LOVED this mani. i got so many compliments on it. i really didnt want to take it off. i may redo it in rainbow or spring colors. we shall see.

Colors used:
base: SH xtreme wear white on
stamp:CG secret peri-winkle
tip: billie gold
pretty mani but not for me. being pale, the white did bad things to my skin.

Colors used:
base: billie gold
stamp:W&W black creme
plate:m57 (lace) and BM14 (roses)
i tried to mimic the SH salon effects. it turned out okay. only kept the mani on for a few days.

Colors used:
base:OPI do you lilac it? with thin layer of SH HD byte
stamp:billie gold
plate:BM 20
tip: SH xtreme wear Flirt
UGH what a disaster. this mani i HATED. it looked horrible on me. i took it off less then 12 hours later. im sure it will look great on some people but not me.

Colors used:
base:CG for audrey
stamp:CG frostbite
plate:M57(zebra print)

Colors used:
base:CG light pink (can't remember name)
stamp:billie cherry
plate:M79 (dots) & M59 (solid bow and hearts)
tried to mimic this picture:

i really liked this mani. it was sweet. it was a nice change from all the random colors i had been using before.

(look at the sparkle)
see the pink? yea thats the reflection from my pjs! thats how sparkly this polish is

Colors used:
base: CH ruby pumps
accent nail :Miss B rainbow silver with topcoat of L.A Color silver sparkle

i have fallen in love with this mani. the dark red suits my skin tone and the silver sparkle is stunning. i love it.

speaking of red. what do you guys think of this new red lipstick i bought. i've wanted to try a red lipstick for a while but though it would look bad. what do you think?


Zoya Lo and Kelly
the pictures showed Lo as a much more light pink color. OPI beside it to show what a real light pink color is.

there is the example from their website.

anyways, i was kinda disappointed in how small the bottles were. i thought they were going to be bigger for 7.00 a bottle. 

nicole bring on the tinsel and SH HD cyber. i have figured out i dont like the shape of nicoles bottles. does anyone else find nicole's polishes really thick. its like the bottle dries up quickly.

SH HD isn't as sparkly/shiney as the other ones in the collection.  all the other ones are kinda halo-y but this one is kinda flat. maybe it will be different once i swatch it.

revelon scented in ocean breeze (a duochrome)  and cotton candy becuase hell yea! i have only swatched the cotton candy on one finger and the smell lasted for atleast 3 days. the color seemed kinda sheer tho. SH xtremem wear in gunmetal.

look at the hidden sparkle in gunmetal.

L.A Color in silver sparkle and Essie great expectations.
my first essie. i wasn't that pleased with it. it was plain and when i put it on my nailes it blended right in. anyone have any idea how to wear this grey/white color?

wow this was alot longer then i thought. im going to go study for my final and do a spring colored mani.


7 things and update

7 Things
i was tagged by Elizabeth for this survey

7 things I have to do before I die:

* travel Europe
* get married in the summer
* get back into shape
* have a house, not apt
* visit one of my pen pals
* have a huge party/ surprise party
* send my parents on vacations

***8 things I say all the time:

* babe, what's __________/ can you help me with _________
* bailey, come here please
* what time are you off?
* Bella. get down.
* have you seen my ___________
* look what i bought.
* BAILEY! leave Bella alone! ( he chases her and boops her with his nose)

7 things I'm good at:

* making lists
* organizing things
* teaching bailey new tricks
* spoiling my family
* being a good friend
* being quite
* (i can't think of another)

7 flaws:

* collects random stuff
* no self confidence
* spelling & math
* spending too much money
* checks facebook/fmylife/tmz multiple times a day
* easily distracted
* i procrastinate

7 qualities:
* i make far too many lists
* i text my mum and hubby +5 times a day
* reads/writes a lot
* plays WoW while working
* i am good with kids but don't want any of my own
* sweet but very shy
* very patient

so clearly I'm a slacker. i know i haven't posted in a while. I've kinda gotten sucked into WoW and studying after work but i promise there will be a  post tomorrow. i have recently gotten my first (and second) Zoya  polish. umm hello tiny. i wasn't expecting them to be so damn small. i picked up Kelly and lo and was Caitlin and dove in the mail. i also purchased ALOT of stuff from dollar nail art which should be here soon along with my hello kitty plate from born pretty. i have done quite a few mani s since my last post but only took a picture of a few. one mani didnt even stay on for 12 hours before i had it removed. lol i LOVE my current mani (sparkle red and sparkle silver- more about that tomorrow)


Friday, January 28, 2011

New blog

So recently i was introduced to a new blog by a fellow Canadian. Her name is Elizabeth and here blog is lifeandpolish. Everyone should check out her blog and follow her. She may be new but I'm sure she has some great manis to show us in the future.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

followers and giveaway

WOOHOO 25 followers. thank you guys for reading my blog. i didnt think anyone would when i first started.

konadlicious is having a massive 1000 followers giveaway.

look at all the stuff she is giving away.
pop on over to her blog and follow her for a chance to win this amazing stuff.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Long Post!

i know i haven't updated recently. i'm a slacker. i ordered 2 sets of konad/fauxnad discs and have recieved 1 so far. the second set is stuck at stupid customs in vancourver. sadly the ones that got stuck are the ones with the stamper and scraper. i have tried improvising the stamper with a balloon but it does not seems to work so well. i hope they release the package soon so i can finally use my pretty stamps. i made sure to order them at the beginning of the month so i'd have them for out anniversary on the 20th but they still aren't here.

in this post i have a new haul plus 3 manis. please click all photos to expand.

most are purchased but the ones with the tags and red dots are frankens made by me. i'm still learning how to make them. so far not so much luck. the franken called disaster is a complete disaster. its watery and the liquid is black. all the color came off the sparkles and its just ICKY. the rest didnt turn out too bad. the pink sparkles needs a big more added because it needs about 4 layers to be complete. the only other one i find weird is noob. its a purple liquid with green sparkles. i need to read up a bit more of mixtures. the unnamed pink one my hubby says is " so maddie". lol im known as pink and sparkley.

on to the manis!

Deep Purple & the Disco Ball.

i attempted to do a Muffin Monday with my puppy Bailey but he just thought they were new toys for him to play with so my back up plan was the hubby. when i asked him to pick a color from 5 i had picked out he pick this color. Sally Hansen Deep Purple.
what an awesome deep pueple color. i used 2-3 coats (i can't remember) with top coat and a VERY thick layer of SH disco ball as the french. 
see how thick the glitter is. after doing this mani i went and purchased a glitter liner from Art Deco.
 i put a pink gem on my left hand
and a aqua/green/blue ish one my right hand.

 outside in snowy/cloudy weather

inside in sun.
Strawberry Lily!
this mani is Billie strawberry and revlon lily (with glitter stripe)

the only bad thing about Billie Strawberry is since its shiney you see every little mistake with your nails. i had a bit of glue on my nails and and some buffing lines so everthing showed up.

in the sun.

 Anniversary Nails
SH new lengths Urban Chic on ring finger.
in the sun

i really really wanted to use a stamp for this mani but i didnt get my stamper in the mail. boo, stupid canada post.