Saturday, January 22, 2011

Long Post!

i know i haven't updated recently. i'm a slacker. i ordered 2 sets of konad/fauxnad discs and have recieved 1 so far. the second set is stuck at stupid customs in vancourver. sadly the ones that got stuck are the ones with the stamper and scraper. i have tried improvising the stamper with a balloon but it does not seems to work so well. i hope they release the package soon so i can finally use my pretty stamps. i made sure to order them at the beginning of the month so i'd have them for out anniversary on the 20th but they still aren't here.

in this post i have a new haul plus 3 manis. please click all photos to expand.

most are purchased but the ones with the tags and red dots are frankens made by me. i'm still learning how to make them. so far not so much luck. the franken called disaster is a complete disaster. its watery and the liquid is black. all the color came off the sparkles and its just ICKY. the rest didnt turn out too bad. the pink sparkles needs a big more added because it needs about 4 layers to be complete. the only other one i find weird is noob. its a purple liquid with green sparkles. i need to read up a bit more of mixtures. the unnamed pink one my hubby says is " so maddie". lol im known as pink and sparkley.

on to the manis!

Deep Purple & the Disco Ball.

i attempted to do a Muffin Monday with my puppy Bailey but he just thought they were new toys for him to play with so my back up plan was the hubby. when i asked him to pick a color from 5 i had picked out he pick this color. Sally Hansen Deep Purple.
what an awesome deep pueple color. i used 2-3 coats (i can't remember) with top coat and a VERY thick layer of SH disco ball as the french. 
see how thick the glitter is. after doing this mani i went and purchased a glitter liner from Art Deco.
 i put a pink gem on my left hand
and a aqua/green/blue ish one my right hand.

 outside in snowy/cloudy weather

inside in sun.
Strawberry Lily!
this mani is Billie strawberry and revlon lily (with glitter stripe)

the only bad thing about Billie Strawberry is since its shiney you see every little mistake with your nails. i had a bit of glue on my nails and and some buffing lines so everthing showed up.

in the sun.

 Anniversary Nails
SH new lengths Urban Chic on ring finger.
in the sun

i really really wanted to use a stamp for this mani but i didnt get my stamper in the mail. boo, stupid canada post.

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