Saturday, January 1, 2011

i know this looks like a crap blog as the moment but i will be working on and tweeking it over the next little while as i begin blogging my nail polish swatches. i have began following my favorite bloggers and enjoy their posts as they inspire me. i'm sure my pictures and post will suck at first but i will get better.

hang in there with me.

Happy 2011!!


  1. Madison, welcome to the world of blogging. Love your blog background it makes me thing of a konard nailart design used with glitter polish. Lol! It's lovely nothing crappy about it :D

    Don't forget to add a blog roll :)

  2. Hello! Welcome to blogging! It feels wierd to say that because I still feel like such a newbie myself! Looks good so far...I LOVE your background! Can't wait to read more!